Marshal Af Somali


Marshal is an Action movie with Mithun Chakraborty in lead role. Inspector Ritesh finds that his niece has suffered a mental trauma and is unable to speak, after the traumatic and suspicious death of his brother.Inspector Ritesh’s widowed mother and sister-in-law are devastated after the death happened in their family. They are now targeted by goons and no way for the family to get any help. A mysterious person, named “Marshal” rescues the family, and now Inspector Ritesh’s niece starts to speak. Ritesh finds this a good omen for his family and he not only requests Marshal to continue staying in their house, but also proposes marriage with his sister-in-law with Marshal. The Twist is, “Marshal” is a hired assassin and hit-man and his next target is none other than Ritesh himself, which he in unaware. Why “Marshal” targets Ritesh and who is “Marshal” are revealed in the Climax.


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