Mere Do Anmol Ratan Afsomali


Suman and Mahesh have been married for several years, but have not been blessed with any children. Suman prays in the temple frequently and hopes that her prayers will be answered. When she delivers a boy in hospital, a fire breaks out and the baby is switched with another whose mother died after delivery. Mahesh gets furious at this and for the worse, Major Bhagawat Singh enters asking for his son. Unable to identify his son by any means, Mahesh allows Major Bhagawat to stay and raise both kids his way while Suman nurtures both as her own. Surendra and Narendra grow up, behave alike and make matters worse for Mahesh. The latter then takes the help of his friend Sudhakar, who sends her daughter Kiran to stay at his house with a secret mission of studying both sons to identify Mahesh’s son. Major finds out and makes her realise the bond between both sons and their mother, in whom she sees her long lost own. Meanwhile, the brothers have become good friends with Kiran, until they overhear the truth about her motive and also her alliance with one of them


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